Best Insoles for Walking & Standing

The average person takes 10,000 steps per day. If your job requires you to be constantly on your feet, then we have the relief you need.

Discover insoles that are designed to help you live and work on your feet comfortably... all day, every day.

Designed to provide lasting comfort to help you live better, our unisex LifeStep insole features a wider design that allows it to fit a variety of shoes, such as work boots or uniform shoes. And ladies, our women's MultiStep is a multi-purpose orthotic insole that fits perfectly in any flat shoe or boot. 

We know it's often hard work standing and walking all day while on the job, so we're determined to do our part and make the experience as pain-free as possible for your feet... because you've earned it!

Meet the best insoles for work boots & steel toe shoes.

Imagine doctor designed, extra wide corrective insoles that fit perfectly within your safety shoes and industrial footwear, cushioning your feet in long lasting comfort from the beginning of your shift to the minute you clock out. But sold at a fraction of the cost!

Unisex LifeStep Insoles for Standing & Walking All Day Unisex LifeStep Insoles for Standing & Walking All Day Unisex LifeStep Insoles for Standing & Walking All Day Unisex LifeStep Insoles for Standing & Walking All Day Unisex LifeStep Insoles for Standing & Walking All Day

LifeStep for Men & Women

Regular price $99.95 Sale price $64.99

The best custom-grade orthotic insoles for uniform shoes & work boots.

Discover an over-the-counter insole that's wider in design, making it ideal to be worn inside safety shoes and industrial footwear for men or women. By merging medical science with leading technology, we're proud to offer an extra wide foot contouring insole that provides the lasting comfort and increased shock absorption you need to get through the grind of everyday life.

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Women's MultiStep Insole for Walking and Standing Women's MultiStep Insole for Walking and Standing Women's MultiStep Insole for Walking and Standing Women's MultiStep Insole for Walking and Standing Women's MultiStep Insole for Walking and Standing

MultiStep for Women

Regular price $99.95 Sale price $64.99


The MultiStep is a low profile orthotic insole that's ideal for women who have to walk or stand all day while on the job. Whether you're wearing nursing shoes or safety boots, this style is meant for the everyday work footwear that can benefit from extra comfort and maximum arch support.

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Helping you get through the work day without foot pain.

At DoctorInsole®, our mission is to help you live your life and get through each day without sore feet - even if your job requires you to stand on your feet all day.

Give our line of custom-grade, corrective insoles a try and experience the cushioned foot support and comfort for yourself.

The DoctorInsole Difference

Doctor-Designed Solution to Everyday Foot Pain

Doctor-Designed Solution to Everyday Foot Pain

Our insole technology aligns feet into a more biomechanically efficient position. This helps return the foot to a more neutral position.

Made for Living on Your Feet

Made for Living on Your Feet, from Morning to Night

Discover the optimal stability and cushioning comfort you'll need (and want!) in an insole if your life demands you to walk and stand all day.

Effective in Alleviating Foot Conditions of All Types

Effective in Alleviating a Wide Range of Foot Conditions

Immediate benefits include improved gait, distribution of weight, improved lower lumbar posture and better health in the long run.

The average person takes 10,000 steps per day.

That adds up to 115,000 miles over a lifetime.

Whether working 9 to 5 or participating in recreational activities during your down time, we understand everyday life can often take a toll on your body. We're here to help!

Say goodbye to sore aching feet from standing and walking all day, whether for work or play. Trust the orthotic insole brand with products sold in podiatrist, orthopedic and chiropractic clinics across the globe.

Benefits for Walkers

Best Insoles for Walkers

One of a Kind Custom-Fit as Unique as Your Job Description

DoctorInsole inserts are designed to mold themselves to your unique footmap over time, providing a perfect fit with customized support and injury prevention - perfect for individuals who have to spend countless hours on their feet while they work.

Best Insoles for Walkers

Reduces Foot Fatigue While Walking & Standing All Day

DoctorInsole inserts offer more than just arch support – our cutting-edge shell technology support the three planes of foot motion, giving you the support that you need so you can remain active longer - perfect for jobs where you're constantly on-the-go.

Best Insoles for Walkers

Let Us Help Provide Foot Relief as You Help Save Lives

Here at DoctorInsole, we're proud to do our part to help alleviate foot pain for first responders. Our customized fit and weight-bearing technology makes it impossible to be uncomfortable, no matter what the activity.

Experience optimal stability, comfort, and better foot health in the long run.

Our insoles are specially developed to offer peerless support, enhanced stability, and high-level impact absorption, ensuring proper alignment and cutting down on related pain in the knees and back. The MultiStep line is ideal for people with active jobs and active lives, while our LifeStep line is designed to fit uniform shoes and work boots - whether you're serving tables, saving lives, or renovating a house.


Stories from Our Solemates

"I've tried everything from $400 podiatrist-made insoles to those cheap gel packs from the pharmacy, and though I got some relief, they never quite work. Now I'm using DoctorInsole and they work better than anything! They fit in my regular shoes and offer me the support my feet need."

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DoctorInsole Testimonial - Norman Barr
Norman Barr
Work boots and uniform shoes, meet your solemates.
Whether you're standing all day working as a first responder, spending long shifts on your feet as a nurse, or just need foot pain relief for your industrial job, you'll have the Doctor right there with you.
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