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As seen on the Hit TV Show "The Doctors".
DoctorInsole® was born using a unique blend of general science, locomotive biomechanics, and patient research by a leading Los Angeles foot and ankle surgeon.

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FSA Flexible Spending debit cards (also called FlexCards) can now be used to purchase DoctorInsole products*! (exclusions apply) FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account (or Flexible Spending Arrangement) and is a pre-tax benefit account where contributions can be used to pay...
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What do teachers, nurses, factory workers, servers, and retail workers all have in common? They are on their feet all day, with little chance of a break to put their feet up. Feet are amazing parts of the body, with...
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Shoes, meet your solemates
Whether you're feeling athletic, living on your feet or just need foot pain relief, you'll have the Doctor right there with you.
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