Not all insoles are created equal.

We consulted with elite doctors and scientists to create a patented design, which gives you the quality and durability of a custom orthotic – at a fraction of the cost
The DoctorInsole Advantage.
Our insoles not only change the way feet feel, but restore natural alignment, promote better posture, and revive feet.
Yes They Really Work!

Yes, They Really Work!

Restores alignment. Improves posture. Revives feet.

DoctorInsole® helps align feet into a more biomechanically efficient position, helping your entire body move how it's meant to.

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Our Position is Unique

Quality meets affordability: Comparing DoctorInsole with custom orthotics and over the counter insoles.

The world of orthotics typically fell on either side of the insole spectrum: a cheap, temporary solution for today’s pain, or an out- of-reach, expensive custom orthotic. As doctors, we knew we could do better.

Our insoles meet in the middle, providing the quality and correction of a custom orthotic at a fraction of the cost.

Over the counter
Low quality
Only offer arch support
Custom orthotics
Correct all 3 planes of motion
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Correct all 3 planes of motion

Some individuals may require a custom device, however DoctorInsole can solve 85% of foot issues.

Our insoles provides the quality and correction of a custom orthotic, but at a fraction of the cost.

Meet the first over the counter, custom-grade orthotic insole.

We're proud to have patent awards and design registrations in the United States, European Union, Canada and Mexico.

We specialize in corrective insoles that capture a personalized impression of the foot for a comfortable, one-of-a-kind fit. Our orthotic insoles are made with materials medically consistent with custom orthotics, which includes a synthetic suede bottom cover, semi-rigid polypropylene shell, memory foam padding and either an EVA foam or synthetic leather top cover.

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DoctorInsole offers 2 product lines of insoles that are specially designed to fit in men's footwear. The men's FitStep™ is the best insole for sports shoes with removable soles - perfect for high-impact activities that require maximum control. In comparison, the men's MultiStep™ is a multi-purpose low profile insole, ideal for providing a little extra foot support in everyday footwear of all types.

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Women's shoes come in many varieties, which is why DoctorInsole offers 3 product lines of insoles for 3 different types of ladies' footwear. The female version of the FitStep offers an additional layer of comfort, a design that's based on the anatomy of a women's foot. Meanwhile the slim-cut design of the women's MultiStep makes it ideal to wear with your favourite pair of low-heeled booties or flat shoes. Love wearing high-heeled boots or closed-toe pumps with heels of 2 1/2" or more? Discover unbelievable high heel comfort with the HighStep™.

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Introducing a new kind of patented, doctor designed insole.

We merged medical science with leading technology to alleviate today's pain – and help rebuild the body from the feet up.

Using a blend of general science, biomechanics and customer research we created an orthotic insole that uniquely customizes and corrects.

Try DoctorInsole today - your feet will thank you. Enjoy risk-free comfort with our 30-day money back guarantee!

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5-Star Quality Insoles

5-Star Quality Insoles

I give these insoles a 10!

"I've had pain in my arches, plantar fasciitis, a torn Achilles tendon and more. Now with DoctorInsole, I can walk straight and my ankles feel stable again!"

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Whether you're feeling athletic, living on your feet or just need foot pain relief, you'll have the Doctor right there with you.
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