Best Insoles for Travel

From Tampa to Toronto to Tokyo, MultiStep insoles are a must-have for travel.

The MultiStep: Designed to help you move on your trip without sore, aching feet... from morning to night!

Our versatile MultiStep line is built to provide you with cutting-edge comfort and support for your day-to-day life and are perfect for travel. Whether you're running to catch your connecting flight, exploring the marketplace of an exciting new city, or seeking out the perfect restaurant for dinner, the MultiStep line offers custom orthotics quality at an over-the-counter price.

Meet the best orthotic insoles for traveling around the world in comfort.

Weight-bearing memory foam provides fitted arch support and helps to prevent and correct common foot problems including plantar fasciitis and heel pain, so you can enjoy your adventures in comfort. MultiStep insoles are a perfect fit for your feet and your life, no matter which country you're in.

Men's MultiStep Insole for Travel Men's MultiStep Insole for Travel Men's MultiStep Insole for Travel Men's MultiStep Insole for Travel Men's MultiStep Insole for Travel

MultiStep for Men

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The MultiStep is a low profile orthotic insole created for the versatile experiences that keep you on the go. Whether you're wearing dress shoes with a hard sole, need more support, or want your everyday shoes to fit and feel better, this is the insole for you.

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Women's MultiStep Insole for Travel Women's MultiStep Insole for Travel Women's MultiStep Insole for Travel Women's MultiStep Insole for Travel Women's MultiStep Insole for Travel

MultiStep for Women

Regular price $99.95 Sale price $64.99

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The MultiStep is a low profile orthotic insole designed with women's feet in mind. Whether you're jet setting around the globe while wearing casual shoes, flats or low-heeled boots, this style is meant for the everyday footwear that can benefit from extra comfort and maximum arch support.

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Frequent flyer? Turn to DoctorInsole® for total feet comfort on long plane rides.

The firm, low profile insole of the MultiStep helps to redistribute and relieve pressure within the foot, making your feet the most comfortable part of your flight.

The DoctorInsole Difference

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

One of a Kind Custom-Fit as Unique as Your Identity

DoctorInsole inserts are designed to mold themselves to your unique footmap over time, providing a perfect fit with customized support and injury prevention for your trip.

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

Reduces Foot Fatigue, Keeping You Active Longer

DoctorInsole inserts offer more than just arch support – our cutting-edge shell technology support the three planes of foot motion, giving you the support that you need no matter where you're traveling to.

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

The Perfect Foundation on Which to Build Your Day

Traveling isn't always fun, especially with long layovers. Take foot pain out of the equation with MultiStep daily insoles. They offer your feet the perfect foundation, and the no-slip, high-grip inserts keep you stable all day long.

Touring a foreign destination can be stressful. Let us help you explore without sore feet.

Did you know? DoctorInsole is the leading producer of premium, patent-protected, corrective orthotic insoles.  Our insole technology aligns feet into a more biomechanically efficient position. This leads to immediate benefits like improved gait, distribution of weight, improved lower lumbar posture, and better foot health in general while you travel.

Total Feet Comfort, No Matter How You Travel

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

Custom-Grade Corrective Foot Support in a Boat Shoe

MultiStep insoles were created to fit in a wide range of travel footwear. From boat shoes to ballet flats, loafers to sneakers, high tops to low-heeled boots, you'll be walking on air all day long.

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

Unnoticeable Foot Comfort, Perfect for Long Road Trips

While other insoles just provide lift and cushioning, DoctorInsole inserts actually provide high-level corrective support, working to prevent and alleviate many common foot conditions.

MultiStep Insoles for Travel

Make Train Rides Fun with the Best Insoles for Travel Shoes

You don't need to be stuck in your seat while traveling. With MultiStep inserts, your feet will feel so good that you'll want to run laps from the dining car to the sleeping car.

Travel shoes, meet your solemates.
Whether you're road tripping across the U.S., backpacking through Europe, or just need foot pain relief while cruising in the Caribbeans, you'll have the Doctor right there with you.
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