Before You Use Your Insoles

A quick overview of what you need to know before you step into your new pair of DoctorInsole® custom-grade orthotic insoles.

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1. Let's Get Started

First things first, take these little miracle workers out of their box and place them directly into your shoes.*

*If you’re using the FitStep™, we suggest removing the original insole from your sneakers, first.

2. Feel the Difference

If you’re new to DoctorInsole, you may initially feel the shell under your feet. This is a unique element - because these orthotic insoles are a corrective device, they need to take an impression of your entire foot and match it to the neutral shell. That means you may feel the shell at first as it works its magic to customize.

3. Ease into It

Our doctors suggest you ease your feet into the insoles. For best results, wear them for several hours over two or three days, increasing the amount of wear-time each day.

4. Treat with Care

After a couple months, if you see that your insoles could use a refresh, spot clean them with a mild detergent. Do not place them directly into water.

Once clean, let them air dry and make sure they are fully dry before inserting back into your shoes.

5. Replace and Repeat

There are no hard rules for getting a new pair of insoles, but we generally recommend replacing after about 300-500 miles for running shoes. In other words, new sneakers = new insoles.

For everyday wear, replace your insoles every 6-12 months to maintain continued correction and comfort.


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