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7 reasons why doctorinsoles will change the way you view insoles forever

By Ryan Yackberg - June 22, 2024

It seems like everyday there is a new product offering pain relief. I decided to test the new DoctorInsole Orthotic Insole since many athletes and chiropractors are recommending them. If you haven't seen these orthotic insoles before they are made with a unique podiatrist created shell that takes a personalized impression of your foot within the first 72 hours of use.

Chronic pain sufferers and others looking to restore or maintain their bodies alike have been raving about the advantages of these new orthotic insoles in comparison to conventional insoles and orthotics, and I’ve compiled the top reasons you need to make the switch today!

Podiatrist Created

There are many insoles that claim relief but DoctorInsole was created by podiatrists with their patients in mind. Their team of doctors created a custom-grade orthotic within reach.


While you may not see or feel it, your body is changing how it supports itself from the feet up. This results in engagement of your core, proper curvature of your spine and better posture.


The podiatrist shell remains in optimal position while the rest of the orthotic insole takes a personalized impression of the foot.

Made For Your Lifestyle

Whether you live an active lifestyle, spend most of your day behind a desk or in work boots you can choose one of three types of orthotic insoles to support you in your everyday activities.

They Are Incredibly Comfortable

Maximum comfort in 2-3 days. The first 72 hours of wearing your orthotic insoles takes some getting used to but as soon as they’re molded to your feet, you’ll wish you had them earlier.

Advanced Technology

Over 2 million dollars in R&D resulting in over 20 patents these are the first over-the-counter orthotic insoles. They customize to each wearer and provide the optimal level of support.


If you’re waking up with pain or find that you experience it at some point in the day you should experience an overall all reduction in discomfort.

If you suffer from back, joint, and/or foot pain, then you may find that your choice of shoes has a direct correlation to the amount of pain you suffer when you where them. There are a huge number if people, particularly those with back, joint, and/or foot pain, that feel they do not need to invest in insoles, however this is not the case. If you want to help relieve the pain that you might suffer on a daily basis, the correct insoles are key.

"I love love love these insoles and wear them in all of my shoes--from running to dress boots to Converse, these have saved my feet. My boyfriend was limping around for a few days with heel pain until I also got him a pair of insoles--he has not complained since."

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