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Our custom-grade orthotic insoles not only change the way feet feel, but they restore natural alignment, promote better posture, and as a result, revive feet.

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Custom-Grade Orthotic Insoles

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Women's FitStep™ Women's FitStep™
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Doctor’s Notes

Destroy the idea that if you have an unstable ankle to be repaired you need to deal with…
1. Destroying a tendon
2. Cast after surgery
3. Non weightbearing for 6 months
4. Scar larger than your pinky finger
5. Two hour surgery under general anesthesia
6. You need to be an athlete to have this

Today an incision is made the length of your pinky finger under the outside ankle bone.  Instead of destroying a perfectly good tendon we simply use the ankle capsule (the sac that keeps fluid in a joint) and tighten down with a strong suture.  It only requires 10 MINUTES under SEDATION and in about two weeks you will be walking again.  There is a simple dressing on the ankle untill the wound heals…3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on your age.  And keep in mind this procedure has been  performed on 70 plus year old active people.

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Doctor Designed

Dr. Robert Joseph, DPM

Combining science and experience, Dr. Joseph designed the first custom-grade orthotic insole.

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