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Our custom-grade orthotic insoles not only change the way feet feel, but they restore natural alignment, promote better posture, and as a result, revive feet.

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Custom-Grade Orthotic Insoles

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Doctor’s Notes

USC Athletics

College football is finally back, and we couldn’t be more excited! After a very busy offseason full of travel and tradeshows, we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the University of Southern California (USC) to become an Official Partner of USC Athletics.

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Five easy stretches to end foot-pain

The first experience many people have with a significant foot condition may occur the moment their heels hit the floor, which is usually first thing in the morning.

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How to protect your body's collagen in two easy steps

These days, when we hear the word “collagen”, we may think of the luxuriantly full lips of celebrities...

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Is bare ever better?

We want to believe that we are part of raw nature, and are wild and untamed. We are not.

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Change is good

We humans are creatures of habit, and runners, joggers and walkers tend to use the same route for every workout.

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How to stabilize an ankle

Destroy the idea that if you have an unstable ankle to be repaired you need to deal with…

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Doctor Designed

Dr. Robert Joseph, DPM

Combining science and experience, Dr. Joseph designed the first custom-grade orthotic insole.

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