We’ve got a lot of exciting things lined up for DoctorInsole over the next few months, and we can’t wait to get it all started! Among all of our developments and events, we’ve got some great marathon exhibits planned. Our DoctorInsole team is headed all around the U.S. this year, including the Boston Marathon in April, San Francisco in July, Chicago in October and New York in November. We’ll also add a few other running events, like half marathons and specialty races, depending on each city’s demand. And what better way to kick off the Marathon tour than in our own hometown in Los Angeles!

This year’s LA marathon will be taking place on February 14th. It’s coined the “Stadium to Sea” race course, taking more than 26,000 runners all around Los Angeles—from Dodger Stadium, all the way to Santa Monica. We can’t think of a better way to show your love of running than on Valentine’s Day.

Joining us at the first marathon of the year is one of our LA-native Ambassadors, Nadia Ruiz. She’ll be running in the race, sponsored by DoctorInsole, and will also be joining us in our exhibit booth 323.

Nadia is an ambassador that continuously inspires us. She is the youngest Latina in the world to complete 122 marathons, 11 ultras and 4 Ironmans, by the age of 30. She has become an incredible DoctorInsole supporter over the last year, using our products to only train, but to run her races. Prior to using our insoles, Nadia was getting regular plantar fasciitis, which really hurt her marathons and training. She’ll be the first to share that her plantar fasciitis and arch pain is gone since using the DoctorInsole FitStep™, and her runs have become lighter and loaded with corrective comfort.

Nadia will be hanging around our booth at the LA Marathon exhibit to share her story, take photos, and hang out to talk all things running. We’ll also have our founding doctor, Dr. Robert Joseph, D.P.M. providing free foot exams and giving you tips and tricks on what you can do to help place your body in an optimal biomechanical position for the run ahead, and beyond.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there. Till then, happy training!

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