We recently teamed up with our videographer to bring a couple of our community’s stories to life.

This month, we’re featuring some of our longest standing customers (no pun intended). The first, Adrienne Salerno, is a triathlete that has used DoctorInsole to help her through her training and races. She’s always had issues with her feet: from stress fractures to general soreness from all of the biking, swimming and running she does. Adrienne’s doctor had advised her to get surgery because there was no other remedy for her foot pains. Luckily, she found DoctorInsole right in time. “It's crazy that I was so close to getting surgery... DoctorInsole is the solution I've been looking for." We especially wanted to share her story with you, because so many people like Adrienne hear about us right on the verge of surgery and are pleasantly surprised when they learn that our insoles can take the place of an invasive operation. Although sometimes surgery is needed, our founding doctor always says surgery should be the last resort.

Our second video features Drew Carter-- a former NFL player who wishes he had DoctorInsole while playing in the NFL. “As a wide receiver, you need strong ankles because of the acceleration [you’re doing]. [My coaches and I] were trying to find a solution for my foot injury… but couldn’t find anything beyond ice buckets and elevation.” Fast forward to the present day, Drew is still an active athlete, on his feet all the time. After tons of research, he found DoctorInsole and says it’s changed his life. “My past injury affects my foot much less than in the past… my body is balanced and my feet feel really great.” Stories like Drew's inspire us to get the word out to current athletes- to not only alleviate their everyday foot pains, but to proactively protect their feet. If you’re a current athlete, investing today can have huge payoffs tomorrow.

Watch the testimonials below to learn more about these two unstoppable forces— and see how DoctorInsole helps them move forward every day.

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