One of the best parts about summer is the travel. Summer is a time to explore new cities, hike to new peaks, and travel to different countries. Getting lost in a city and experiencing new cultures is fantastic, but after a day of walking there’s nothing like sore aching feet to be a major killjoy. Dreading the morning after when the first step is agonizing is no way to enjoy your vacation. Luckily there are many tactics to alleviating foot pain while traveling.

1. Avoid walking barefoot
One of the joys of summer is the beach, but if you’re spending the majority of your day barefoot that means your feet aren’t getting the proper support and it will leave you sore at night. Make sure you have a good pair of sandals that you can slip on every once in awhile. Wear your sandals when you walk to the beachside restaurant and when you’re strolling along the beach. Sand can also get extremely hot and the last you want is burnt feet for your vacation!

2. Wear proper shoes
There is no need to forgo fashion for comfort on vacation, but be mindful of the shoes you take with you. If you know you’ll be doing a full day of sightseeing, wear something with a bit more support than flats or sandals. Be sure to have the proper arch support and a wide toe box so if your feet swell from all the walking they won’t be squished in your shoe.

3. Have good insoles
Not only is wearing the proper shoes important, but having the right insoles is an equal part of the equation. Your knees, hips, and back are working more than usual walking all day, craning your neck to see the top of skyscrapers, and bending over to read museum cards. Having the right insoles will help with the shock of walking on hard surfaces and give your body the comfort and support it needs to make it through the day.

4. Pamper your feet at night
After your day of adventures, put your feet up! Be sure to stretch and drink water to help you have a great day tomorrow. If your body isn’t used to walking as much as you did, try elevating your feet above your heart for a few minutes when you get back to your hotel room. That will help with any possible swelling and with blood circulation.

Don’t spend another vacation wishing you had different feet. If you’re like traveling in fashion, try DoctorInsole’s MultiStep for Men and Women, good for everyday shoes, flats, and low-heeled boots. Or if you really want to explore and run up the steps at the Mayan Pyramid, try DoctorInsole’s FitStep. Happy travels!

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