DoctorInsole is excited to announce that its line of premium orthotic insoles appeared on “The Doctors” during the March 3rd 2016 broadcast. As the first custom-grade over-the-counter orthotic insole, DoctorInsole has created a line of cutting edge products that can be used by anyone, from avid marathon runners to baby boomers. The patent protected orthotic insoles help feet -- and the body-- function in a better, more biomechanically efficient way, allowing for improved balance and posture, pain relief and a wide array of other health benefits. 

Here's a clip from the episode: 

Scott Rosenthal, Vice President of DoctorInsole adds, “At DoctorInsole, we take pride in our products being really transformational by helping individuals better their everyday lives. Having ‘The Doctors’ showcase our product and share it with such a broad audience is fantastic, because the more people that know about it, the more lives we can positively impact. DoctorInsole is meant to help people move forward- whether that means running longer, hiking for 6 miles, or just getting back in motion to chase the grandkids.”

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