The California Chiropractic Association is hosting the 2016 CCA Convention & Marketplace, on June 2nd-5th at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, in sunny San Diego. It includes an extended weekend of classrooms, seminars, skills-building and networking for Chiropractors from all over California and beyond. Attendees will be learning new medical techniques and immersing themselves in new products in order to stay on top of their practice. Key speakers include Dr. John Gray, author of Staying Focused in a Hyper World: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Memory and Brain Performance, and Chris Bell, director of the acclaimed documentary Prescription Thugs.

DoctorInsole is excited to announce that we are participating in this year’s event as the Gold Sponsor. As the Gold Sponsor, we not only have the opportunity to support Chiropractic education and innovation but we’re able to teach more Chiropractors about the different foot and back conditions that our insoles help remedy – and how they help change the body.

As the first custom-grade, prescription-free orthotic insole, DoctorInsole’s mission is to create better body alignment, balance, and healthier joints, starting from the ground up. We specialize in corrective insoles that capture a personalized impression of the foot for a comfortable, one-of-a-kind fit, while its neutral shell provides the correction the foot needs in order to help the body function optimally. DoctorInsole helps remedy aches and pains, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, muscle strains, abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips and spine and much more.

Partnerships with Chiropractors are some of the most important, because our insoles function as an extension of the Chiropractic experience, helping maintain the correction and therapy that is performed in the office. Another benefit of our Chiropractic relationships is that with DoctorInsole there is no need for foot scanning which saves both Chiropractors and patients time and money. Ultimately, our partnerships create a great secondary source of income for Chiropractors, while optimizing the patient’s healing process.

If you are attending the event be sure to visit us at Booth 200 to learn how DoctorInsole works for a variety of shoes, including athletic, high-heels, business shoes and everyday footwear. Feet are the foundation to a healthy body. That foundation starts with DoctorInsole.

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